Saturday, 25 October 2008

Customer complaints making you emotional?

I read Robert Cialdini's book on influence recently.

He recounts a piece of research where volunteers were asked to drag a circle into a square on a computer. They were asked to do as many as they could within five minutes. One group was paid a small amount ($5, say) the other a large amount ($50, say) and the third group was asked to do it as a favour to the research organisers.

Which group do you think performed the task most effectively? It was group three. Cialdini suggests that companies appeal to staff on an emotional level because it increases productivity.

How does it work with advertising and customers? Think of a few well-known slogans:
  • There must be another way
  • The world's favourite airline
  • Every little helps
Clearly all successful companies who have built brand loyalty. When the company makes an emotional plea the benefits are obvious.

But companies make mistakes, and sometimes customers feel let down. Do customers of these 'emotional companies' feel more let down than those companies that offer a more transactional relationship?

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