Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Excellent campaign website

The Campaign to End Child Poverty has published a report today which maps child poverty by parliamentary constituency. There's a great map on the BBC website, which must have been lots of effort from their press team.

We've done a quick audit of the website to identify its success:
  • endchildpoverty.org.uk has a 138 incoming links, meaning that it only has low authority
  • however, on average they are 457 times more authoritative than the ECP site, increasing its authority to medium
  • they are well indexed on Google - ranked number 1 and 2 under 'Campaign to End Child Poverty' and 2nd under 'child poverty' - a very valuable search term.
  • there are over 2000 members of its Facebook group (also prominent on Google) many of whom have over 100 friends.
The site is aided by its campaign banners, frequent press releases and celebrity endorsements.

There are other things they could do to improve their reputation further (which will remain confidential between Newscounter and the campaign - should they wish to ask) but it's a very good example of a well executed campaign site.

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