Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Nat West - could do better

Problems with Nat West. I've been banking with them for at least ten years. However, I ordered a debit card on 12 July because my old one had broken. The telephone call centre sounded pleased that a new one would arrive within 10 days. That sounded a lot to me, but I wasn't in a position to question.

The new card arrived with my name spelt wrongly - Cane instead of Cain - a strange mistake. I'm not too fussy, but it served as a poor form of identity so I cancelled it and ordered another.

The card arrived 13 days later with instructions to activate it by post or online. I followed the instructions online, just before the football on Saturday afternoon. I then went into central London to work. At about 8.30pm I needed a pie and a pint so went to the cashpoint. Unfortunately, my card did not accept the PIN.

When I called Nat West, the woman that I spoke to was really helpful. She explained that the PIN didn't work because a new one had been generated and she had no way of overriding the system. I was surprised because on all previous occassions I've been able to use my existing PIN.

I went on to explain my plight and she suggested cancelling the card which would enable me to type a special code into the ATM to release emergency funds. I was grateful for the effort she went to but ultimately preferred to go hungry than wait another two weeks for a new card.

When I arrived home, I double checked the paperwork. As you can see, it clearly states that "If this card replaces your previous card for any reasons . . . Any existing PIN number should continue to be used."

I can't be alone in experiencing this. If the system is automated, why doesn't it work consistently?

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