Thursday, 31 July 2008

Alcohol licensing

I wasn't sure whether to be pleased or dismayed when I was asked to provide ID to prove that I was old enough to drink. It turns out that I am not alone.

State governor Christine Gregoire was denied entry to a bar because she was unable to provide ID. She is 61 years old.

It may have been inconvenient for the Governor, and possibly embarrassing for the bar involved, but it shows that when the law is strict, and strictly enforced, you really can cut down on underage drinking; at least in respectable establishments.


RITE group said...

Hi Matt,
Good to see the site - hope it's going well for you.

Your story reminds me of last time I got the coach from Winchester to Heathrow.

"A single to Heathrow please", I said.

The woman behind the desk looked up. "Is that a full price or concession?" she asked.

"Sorry?" I wasn't being obtuse, I just thought I hadn't heard correctly.

She sighed. She was a big lady, so it came out as a heavy, world-weary sort of sigh. "Do you want a full price ticket, or do you get a concession?"

"Oh dear" I said. "Do I look over 60 already?"

She sighed again. "Is that a full price or concession?"

The moral of the tale - if someone thinks you're under 21, enjoy it.

It doesn't last long.

Anonymous said...

Are they blind?

Have you ever asked your doctor whether you have a very rare condition known as plus ten disease - I've never examined you but it sounds like you may be afflicted. Seek help now...

Tim Cain said...

It's a nice thought, Anonymous. (Karen? Matt? Friend of Matt? Random web-crawler person?).

I wonder whether there was a more innocent age, when people weren't so hung up on their age. (Eloise?)

When people didn't even think about how old they were, or bang on about how many years they'd got to go until they retired. (It can't be Eloise, because she can't count to ten yet.)

Anyway, we've reached the point in the year when I am officially older than Ann, so I think I'll take your advice (whoever you are).

Anti-aging cream.

It doesn't work for most people, but maybe that's because they leave it too late.

Matthew said...

One of the vagaries of online debate is that when people don't have anything sensible to say, they usually do so anonymously.

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