Sunday, 27 July 2008

American media

The American media gets a lot of criticism, certainly in the UK. Barack Obama presents a problem for them. How do I know? Because in the last 30 minutes I've seen:
  • a debate on CNN talking about concerns that the media over-reported Obama's tour of Europe
  • a preacher's sermon saying that the US news media can't criticise Obama for fear of being labelled racist
  • a complaint from John McCain that the US media in Europe were his biggest fans
The consensus of commentators was that the pictures were the problem because they were so powerful.

Moreover, there was a clip from CBS where a reporter posed a question and the answer that McCain gave was, in fact, an answer from another question. CBS has apologised for the 'mistake of a junior producer'.

What impact will this have on the rest of the campaign? One possibility is that the media are starting to turn, conscious of their own ethics or goaded by McCain. Alternatively, it will start to become mocking so they will continue to portray Obama as a rock star (CNN's phrase, not mine) but with jokes such as 'Obama stopped by the manger in Bethlehem to visit his birthplace'.

It could of course continue as is. Why? Becuase the polls are still incredibly close.

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