Monday, 9 February 2009

British Bankers Association engages with blogs

Well done to the British Bankers' Association for engaging with blogs. I came across this article on A View from Middle England.

The BBA has left a comment clarifying its position and informing readers what it really thinks. The way they've done this is to be applauded:

1. The BBA has been monitoring its online reputation
2. The comment is clear, concise and the contributor transparent
3. There's a link to more information for readers who want it
4. The BBA has engaged in the content of the article, accepting where it went wrong but putting the blogger straight

The only other suggestions we'd make are:
1. The username could like to an identifiable person at the BBA. This would help users (and particularly the blog owner) check the authenticity of the comment
2. If they provided a link to a specially created landing page, they could track the clickthroughs and thus learn more about the site and the views of its readers. This would help develop the BBA's blogging strategy further.

Otherwise, a good effort from which others can learn.

1 comment:

Brian Mairs said...

Thank you for the kind - and constructive - comments Matthew. Yes I should have identified myself (I'm Brian Mairs in the BBA Communications team by the way) and I will ensure I do so in future. I like the tracking idea too so we'll have a look at this.

We're just taking baby steps at the moment - in recent months we've had to concentrate our activity on reacting to the fairly frenzied media activity. So thanks for the pointers.

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