Thursday, 6 November 2008

Web visits strategy

An article on search engine watch has reminded me of the importance of planning before building an excellent website.

In the old days, a company would have commissioned, written, posed for the photograph and printed a corporate brochure, without thinking about who might read it and how they might receive it? I hope not - although I did work for an organisation who did just that. A customer complaint might have started with a petition outside the store or a letter to the CEO.

But many people do exactly that when building a website. They say 'we need a website' and act accordingly. Instead, why don't you try a variation of the following:
  • We need to talk to our customers in a cheaper way. How could the internet help? or
  • We want to be known for our CSR programme. How can we promote it online?
The answer will probably include a website but that will only be the start, not the end of the job. It should also include:
  • a list of websites, forums and networks that are interested in the subject
  • a laser-focus on the relevant search terms
  • a demographic of people on social networking sites
  • multi media delivery to engage audiences with different demands
And it might include a website - or you might save yourself a few grand by thinking first, then acting.

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