Thursday, 18 December 2008

5 reasons why blog titles are important

A blog title is the most important part. Why?

1. Because you'll increase your audience from social networking sites
Go to Digg, Delicious or any of the other sites where people share content they like. See how many articles you read, how many you click on. Then reflect on how many you clicked on just because of the title. It's like going to a bookshop when you're not sure what to buy. Get the title right on your blog post and there's a greater chance that you'll get more clickthroughs from these sites.

2. Because mostly 80% of people will read your title, 20% will read the content
And if the title grabs, then those figures will alter.

3. Google measures how quickly people leave your site
A compelling title, and people will read your post. An interesting post, and people will click on your blog. And your blog will be more important to search engines like Google.

4. A blog title is the ultimate soundbite
If you can't say what you want to say in the title, maybe blogging isn't for you. Try writing a masters thesis instead.

5. The title is your sales pitch
With millions of blogs, thousands of news sites and hundreds of emails, why should someone read your blog? Your title is your sales pitch. And get them hooked, and you'll have people returning.

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