Monday, 12 January 2009

Benefits and shortcomings of Typepad

Typepad is one of the best blogging systems available. However, it comes at a cost. To use it with your own domain you have to pay $8.95 a month currently. The end result looks good and the service offers plenty of flexibility.


1. Excellent designs
The Typepad designs are excellent. They are professional, free of the bugs that we found in blogger templates and allow for a reasonable amount of flexibility. You don't get total flexibility unless you buy business class blogging at $89.95

2. User-friendly interface
The Typepad system is very easy to use for both blog authors and commentators. The only drawback for comments is that the captcha image is displayed on a subsequent page. Typepad is the only system that does this so many comments can be lost by the user navigating away before confirming the comment.

3. Professional support
Typepad is a private enterprise and of the major advantages of this is a professional, accessible support service for all your blogging needs.

4. Flexibility with widgets
The Typepad guys have developed lots of widgets so whatever you want to do with your blog, you can.

Shortcomings of Typepad

1. Cost
It may not surprise you that most of the significant blogs hosted with Typepad are from news organisations or large corporations. It makes sense if you have the funds but for a private individual, Typepad is an expensive option.

2. Proprietary software
Typepad has developed its own proprietary software. This may not mean much to the average user but the end result is that if someone develops a new gadget for wordpress, it gets incorporated. Typepad, though, have to decide or develop it themselves - a deterrent to developers. The end result is that there are fewer excellent widgets and plugins.

3. Comment moderation
I've always had a problem with the comment moderation on Typepad. Try, for example, one of the blogs at After commenting, you get another screen asking you to type in the captcha image. And how often do you forget and navigate away from the page?

Next, we look at the benefits of LiveJournal.

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