Sunday, 11 January 2009

Writing for a blog

Writing for a blog is not like writing in other formats. I was trying to explain this to a blogger earlier today. He writes excellent blog entries, if you have the time to read them. But there's something missing from them.

1. The title is usually slightly obtuse
2. The first sentence is a gradual warmup

He is an experienced writer and occasional newspaper columnist. This is where I think he was going wrong. A blog is not like a newspaper column.

It was then that I realised how to explain blog writing better. Write your blog like a press release.

Here are some key rules:
1. The headline and the first sentence should summarise the story
2. Expect to lose an increasing proportion of your audience with the passing of each sentence
3. Provoke, stimulate or question but don't leave your reader with a sense of fulfilment - it doesn't stimulate the comments section
4. Break all of the rules and write a great post rather than boring, formulaic posts

Any other advice?

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