Tuesday, 6 January 2009

How to register a domain

A website is stored on a computer (or series of computers) each of these has a unique address (like a telephone number) to identify it. Website addresses (bbc.co.uk or google.com) are a user-friendly way of finding your website. They are called domain names.

The other thing to consider is the name that's going to appear as the title of the site. The closer the domain name is to the title of your site, the better you should rank on search engines. For exampple, the domain name of this site is bacatu.blogspot.com and the title of the site is BacAtU.

Once you've decided on a preferred domain for your website, you need to register it. You'd probably prefer .com but settle for .co.uk If you are from an organisation, you'd probably prefer .org.uk However, that all depends on what hasn't yet been registered.

1. Check the availability

To check whether you can buy your preferred domain (without paying excessive amounts) we recommend using Nominet for .uk domains and and Whois for .com. Just type your preferred domain into the search boxes as indicated below:



2. Purchase the domain

There are lots of places you can buy a domain. If you are buying hosting as well (space on a computer to put your blog) then some companies will offer you a package. There's more information on that later in this series.

However, if you just want the domain we have experience of using the following companies though we've not seen any major difference in price:

3. Confirm payment details

Complete the form and confirm payment. When deciding how long you want to register for, think about the length of your project before entering into a long term commitment. However, also remember that if you don't renew it - someone will snap it away from you when it expires.

Therefore, make sure you have an address or email that you'll still be using when the domain comes close to expiry.

Now you are up and running. You'll need to store your login details somewhere safe because you'll need to access the account to point your domain (web address) to the computer that .

4. Next steps

Our next articles will show you:
  • How to choose which blog
  • How to create it
  • How to point your domain to the blog
  • How to promote your site

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