Saturday, 3 January 2009

Value over volume - more thoughts

Guido made an important comment on my thesis that value will trump volume. He argues that he gets a wider attention for his blog because it is read by so many people. That's undoubtedly true. Clearly if it was read by 25 people, journalists would ignore it. But what if the 25 people were all members of the Cabinet? That's why the Progress magazine (where I used to intern) was significant.

Yes, there is value because of the number of people that read something. But I'm arguing that there is greater value from a smaller, but more significant audience who (and this is the critical piont) can be mobilised to take action.

A small, committed group of people will always have more value than a large group of passive readers. That's why the participation of Guido's blog is sometimes so much more valuable than the participation of readers of, say, the Daily Mail.

PS. Incidentally, I'm much more pleased that of the 250 people that have read my post one of them was Guido rather than 2500 people who I've never heard of!

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